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1. General Information:

It is very important for Pontem Trade to protect and secure your personal data from the moment you enter this website. Pontem Trade takes the necessary measures for this and processes your personal data when necessary in accordance with the relevant legislation. 

This Clarification Text on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data Policy contains the rules regarding the data collection and/or distribution and security policy to be made from the moment the website with the extension is accessed; It has been prepared to inform our customers and third parties who use our website in order to fulfill the obligation of disclosure stipulated in Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”). Pontem Trade always reserves the right to change this text in order to adapt to the necessary changes in case the legislation in force changes.

2. Data Controller:

The website with the extension is operated by Pontem Trade (“Pontem Trade”). Pontem Trade, as the data controller, is the person responsible for the processing of the personal data specified in the relevant legislation, what the purpose of the processing is, what the processing and transfer characteristics will be, the establishment and management of the data recording system. 

The contact information for the data controller is as follows:

Title: Pontem Trade

Address: Aşık Veysel Mah. Cemalpasa Cad. Semarkandline A Blok No:5 A Interior Door No:78 Bahcesehir / Istanbul

Phone: +90 537 662 48 52


3. Purpose of Processing and Transfer of Your Personal Data:

Pontem Trade may record, store and/or classify, process and transfer the personal data of its customers and visitors in accordance with and limited to the applicable legislation. 

Pontem Trade requests some of your personal data from its customers or visitors during the user registration phase and to complete your shopping on the website. Personal data is defined as any information relating to an identifiable natural person in the relevant Law. In the forms on our site, our visitors may be required to enter personal information such as name, surname, e-mail and postal address, phone number, password, credit card information, account number, tax number, date of birth and TR ID number.

Your personal data will be sent by Pontem Trade in order to obtain maximum benefit from our website, to provide correct or alternative products in terms of rapid use, determination of tastes and interests, to provide up-to-date information about the products and services on our website, and to inform our users about the developments in the service sector. To contact customers for personalized announcements, newsletters, discounts and price information, to ensure data security, to make payments, to ensure that third parties perform technical, logistics and other similar functions, and to perform the sales and/or service contract to be established between us and our users. are processed for the purpose. For the security of personal data and compliance with the Law, the said data is transferred to the providers of domestic information systems supported by Pontem Trade. We kindly ask our visitors who want to get detailed information on the subject to send an e-mail to

Pontem Trade will send you daily and/or weekly notification e-mails to your e-mail address if you request it from the moment you become a user. The content of these e-mails may include information about the services and/or products you have purchased, products we think you may be interested in, advertisements from third parties and similar information. You can exercise your right to make changes to these e-mails, to cancel the service and/or restart at any time, by making a request with the help of Pontem Trade's telephone and e-mail information on our website.

4. Collection Method and Legal Reason of Personal Data:

Pontem Trade processes and protects your personal data as required in accordance with the legal regulations, especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 in force in our country. Pontem Trade, in order to fulfill its obligations under the Law on the Protection of the Consumer, the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, the Regulation on Distance Contracts and the Turkish Penal Code, in order to properly fulfill the contract to be established between its users and its customers and users who visit the website. saves data. 

5. Use of Cookies:

Pontem Trade uses Cookies and similar technologies in order for its customers and users to make the most of the website. Pontem Trade, with the cookies it uses, to create a personal preference file for its users' browsing information, site usage habits and usage history, to offer special promotions, promotions and marketing offers to its users, to have information about the interests of its users, to provide or increase security, to increase service efficiency. and its usage area, to give advertisements that may be of interest to its customers, to change and/or improve the content and products on the website according to customer habits and/or to determine preferences.

All users who visit the website within the scope of the information in Pontem Trade's Cookie Policy have the right to control cookies by making changes in their browser settings.

6. Sharing of Personal Data:

Pontem Trade transfers the personal data of its customers and website users to third parties only within the framework of legal regulations and permission from the relevant persons. Apart from these, personal data may be shared when necessary within the framework of the information requested by the law and/or public institutions. However, Pontem Trade takes all necessary measures to ensure that there is no violation of rights or security in all data transfer procedures. Pontem Trade is not responsible for any violation or loss of rights that may occur due to the failure of the person, institution or organization to which Pontem Trade shares data in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Pontem Trade works and cooperates with some institutions and private companies in order to provide a quality service to its customers and website users. For this reason, personal data is provided by Pontem Trade's direct or indirect subsidiaries in Turkey, program partner institutions and organizations with which it cooperates in order to carry out its activities, domestic or foreign individuals and institutions where data is stored in the cloud environment, and domestic institutions that have an agreement to send commercial electronic messages to their customers, It can be shared with advertising companies within the scope of various marketing activities in order to provide a quality service to all users and to ensure customer satisfaction, with contracted banks to offer customers payment options and, when necessary, with the Interbank Card Center.

7. Legal Rights, Use and Application of Users Regarding the Collection of Personal Data:

Related persons regarding all personal data processed by Pontem Trade can always use their legal rights, request information and contact Pontem Trade for any questions or opinions they are curious about. All customers and website users whose personal data are processed by Pontem Trade;

    • They can learn whether personal data is processed or not,

    • If there is any processed personal data, it can request information about it,

    • You can learn for what purpose your personal data is processed and whether this purpose is complied with,

    • You can learn whether personal data has been transferred to any third party or institution at home or abroad, and if so, who they are,

    • In case of incomplete or incorrect processing of personal data, they may be requested to be completed or corrected,

    • Request the deletion of personal data within the scope of the relevant Law,

    • If he requests correction, completion or deletion of his personal data, he may request that these be notified to the third parties to whom the transfer is made,

    • As a result of an analysis made through the personal data used about him, he can learn whether there are any results against him,

    • If they suffer a loss due to unlawful processing of their personal data, they may request that this damage be remedied. 

The persons concerned can exercise their legal rights mentioned above at any time by sending an e-mail to, in writing or by other methods specified in the Law, provided that their identity is verified to the data controller specified in this clarification text.

8. Relationship with Websites:

The content of may contain links that lead to different websites from time to time. The risks taken by using the links given to other websites belong to the person visiting the website. Pontem Trade has investigated the quality of the information in the area to which these links are directed and the links provided on the sites, and no judgment has been made about their accuracy and reliability. Pontem Trade advises all its users to always visit the privacy policy page of other website links.

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